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Two Leadership Techniques to Help You Win the Year

Has 2022 gone the way you expected? Did you achieve everything you wanted for yourself, at home and at work? As we head into the final quarter of the year, now is the perfect time to take a moment to reflect, assume accountability for any stalled progress, and take steps to make sure you’re on track.

If you’re not where you thought you’d be, ask yourself now: What adjustments do I need to make to end this year strong and in the best position for 2023?

Make the most of the next three months with these two PowerPlays™.

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Empowering End-of-Year PowerPlays™


How to Write a New Year’s Resolution for Better Results

Since I shared this PowerPlay™ with you last December, have you taken the time to reflect on your own letter? With only three months left in 2021, it’s time to reflect on where you are now – as a leader and in your personal life, versus where you expected to be. Consider the progress you have made, and how you have handled the continued disruption that 2021 brought you.

Download the Dear Me PowerPlay™.


The AAR improves team performance better than a typical “Lessons Learned,” because of the additional questions it asks. The AAR begins with this question: “What did we expect to happen?” By placing an emphasis on expectations, the question reframes our thinking to the original plan, assumptions, and ideas. It identifies what occurred “as expected” and “what didn’t go as expected,” enabling the team to capture how to repeat the good and correct the bad.

Download the After Action Review PowerPlay™.

Your Mission

  1. Read your Dear Me letter. Review the questions and your answers and assess your progress.
  2. If you did not write a Dear Me letter, focus on how you feel you’re doing toward achieving your goals. Consider all facets—personally, at work, and with your team. Use these to build upon for 2023.

More PowerPlays™ for Your Leadership Techniques Toolkit

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