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3D Decision Making Questions

As I consult with organizations, leaders consistently tell me that when their team members approach them to make a decision, they may bring data to the table, yet are unable to answer basic questions related to the decision.

If you would like to be a more effective decision-maker, check out this PowerPlay™ video. In it, I share three key questions that your teams should be able to answer:

Question 1: Have all the assumptions been identified?

Question 2: Have the assumptions been verified or validated, or have the questions been answered?

Question 3: What’s the risk of making the decision now?

By sharing these three questions with your team, you can quickly assess the quality and completeness of the information behind the request, and the urgency with which you need to make the decision.

As a leader, you’ll then be equipped with the context you need to make better decisions in less time.

This video was originally produced for my company, The Persimmon Group.

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