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How to Thrive in the Age of disruption


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Lead for Tomorrow

How to Thrive in the Age of Disruption

Change is happening faster than ever before: Are you prepared? As you experience daily disruptions to the way we work – from workforce trends to technology impacts to generational shifts – does it sometimes feel like you’re just treading water? How does a leader today balance ever-changing needs and priorities with achieving true value for an organization?

The Map Versus The Terrain

How to Adapt to Anything and Achieve Success (No Matter What!)

Our greatest successes aren’t achieved with a perfectly laid-out plan. Instead, they are accomplished by how well we adapt to the obstacles we encounter along the way. As we continue to evolve how we work amidst unpredictable change, understanding the differences between the map and terrain is critical for creating a high-performing team.

Leading Across Generations

What You Should Know About Gen Z in the Workplace

Just when you were adjusting to the Millennials, a new generation is entering the workforce. Generation Z is here, and they are changing the game now. Are you ready? In this optimistic keynote, audiences will learn what makes Generation Z tick, so all generations in your workforce play nice with each other.

I’m Toast!

How to Avoid Burnout So You Don’t Flameout

At the end of each workday, do you feel satisfied and in control, or overwhelmed and exhausted? What would it mean for you, your organization and your family if you could consistently “Win the Day”? The reality is that information overload, the disruptive speed of change, and constant uncertainty is causing real burnout, resulting in an expensive turnover and a substantial loss of productivity and quality of work.