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Leadership Lessons from the Field: 3 Key Lessons from a Stunning NFL Defeat

Opening day of the NFL season is one of my favorite days of the year. As a lifelong New Orleans Saints fan, I have been through the years of tremendous […]

BLUF: A Technique for Concise and Effective Communication

Are you overwhelmed by your inbox? The average person receives more than 100 emails each day. But we’re not burdened just by the quantity of messages; the lack of clarity […]

Use This 5-Point Assessment for a Better 2022 Strategy

What is 2022 going to look like for your organization? Does that seem like an impossible question? After all, no one could have predicted the disruption that we’ve continued to […]

How to Align Expectations, Preparations & Outcomes for Increased Meeting Productivity

A recent study revealed that 51% of professionals say spending too much time in meetings and on calls is distracting them from making an impact at work. Are you among […]

3 Ways to Create a Positive Impact in the Great Resignation

The “Great Resignation” is upon us with millions leaving their jobs in search of more money, flexibility, and happiness. It’s likely your organization is experiencing a change in the workforce. […]

No Surprises Hiring: A 90-Day Tip for Onboarding New Employees

“That is not the person I thought I was hiring.” Sound familiar? Nobody likes “surprises” when it comes to hiring. The investment of time, money and energy that goes into […]

The #1 Interview Question You Should Ask to Find High-Performing Employees

If you’re one of the many leaders in the process of replacing staff in a highly competitive environment, you know it’s more important than ever to bring in employees who […]

Flatter & Faster: How to Transform Your Organization for Post-Covid Success

You’re in a meeting or on a Zoom. You raise an issue regarding another department. How many levels must that issue go up and then down before a solution is […]

Avoid Burnout So You Don’t Flameout

Sharper tempers, emotional and mental fatigue, dramatic lifestyle changes… Don’t let this be your post-pandemic normal at work! Avoid burnout, or you will flameout. The pandemic changed how we work. […]

Achieve Greater Stability and Better Performance Through Quality Planning

Sometimes the shortest path between two points isn’t a direct line. When we embark on projects, we often assume we will start at point A and proceed directly to Z. […]

Why You Should Celebrate Workplace Victories and Goal Achievement

Ask yourself: How well do you recognize and celebrate workplace victories? As a military buff, I am always looking for ways to incorporate successful processes and efficiencies from the Armed […]

Quickly Identify and Manage Assumptions

We all know what happens when we make assumptions. It’s not good in our personal lives, and it’s definitely not good for business. The “ossification of assumptions” — the hardening of […]

A Guide to Returning to the Office After Covid

After nearly 15 months of working virtually, our team at The Persimmon Group will soon begin the transition back to the office.  Like many of you, we had to adapt, […]

Beating Burnout So You Don’t Flameout

How do you manage the overwhelm of disruption? Whether it’s at work or in our personal lives, most have struggled to manage the added pressure brought on by the Pandemic. […]

How Volunteering & Community Service Benefit Your Business

It’s National Volunteer Week, and while the Pandemic may have brought unique challenges to community service and how we can help one another, Americans have shown there’s never been a […]

What A Classic Baseball Movie Can Teach Us About Talent Development

One of the most prominent symbols of spring has arrived: Baseball. This year in particular, as fans are welcomed back to the park, I find myself looking forward to this […]

2021: How to Lead Your Team through a Year of Optimism and Uncertainty

Having weathered 2020, you may wonder what is on the horizon for the rest of 2021. While many economic talking heads and soothsayers predict a slow recovery, we have hope, […]

The Myth and Reality of Employee Productivity

What does employee productivity look like in 2021? Even as someone who studies disruption, I never could have anticipated the tremendous chaos that descended upon the world in 2020. When […]

Leadership Gap: How to Identify and Develop Your Future Business Leaders

Take a look at your leadership team. Do you notice a leadership gap in any of these areas:  deficiency of needed leadership skill sets, shortage of leadership candidates, lack of […]

Create an Outcome-Driven Plan to Achieve Better Team Performance

Recently my team and I met to discuss our plans for 2021. The approach we’ve used the last several years has proven to be successful, in both keeping us on […]

Dear Me: How To Write A New Year Resolution Letter For Better Results

As the New Year rings in, it often brings with it high hopes: a promise of a fresh start. On January 1st, we are each given 365 days to accomplish […]

The Five Rocks: An Exercise to Reduce Burnout

With all that 2020 has brought upon us, it’s not surprising that most people are feeling overwhelmed. A recent Limeade Institute survey shows a current reported burnout rate of 72% […]

3 Compelling Qualities of Effective Leaders

The chaos brought upon us in 2020 put a spotlight on our leaders, as we watch real-time as they cope with the effects of COVID-19 and an economic downturn.  We […]

Developing a Culture of Innovation and Purpose

How do you develop a culture of innovation and purpose that leads to amazing breakthroughs at work? It starts with a solid foundation of trust and shared purpose. Consider the […]

How to Create Your Winning Playbook for Better Team Agility in 6 Steps

Football has returned, and regardless of whether you’re a sports fan, there seems to be a universal feeling of excitement at this time of year. Perhaps even more so now, […]

Leading for Tomorrow: Why You Need a Playbook, Not a Cookbook

“How do I lead my team with confidence when everything is constantly changing?” Leaders today face greater uncertainty and disruption than ever before. To adapt to this rapidly changing pace, […]

How To Lead In The Age Of Disruption

As we work through what has undoubtedly been one of the most disruptive times in recent history, it’s easy to feel a loss of control. We’ve seen all the memes […]

Excelling through the Chaos: A Guide for Leaders (Part 3)

In my first two articles of this three-part series, I introduced you to a practice called Thought Streams, which are designed to help you lead, especially in uncertain times. The […]

Excelling through the Chaos: A Guide for Leaders (Part 2)

In my first article of this three-part series, I introduced you to a practice called Thought Streams, which are designed to help you lead, especially in uncertain times. The first […]

Excelling through the Chaos: A Guide for Leaders (Part 1)

As a consultant and executive coach for leaders, my passion is helping individuals and organizations thrive through the chaos. From workforce trends to changing technology to generational shifts, the Age […]

Reimagining The Iron Triangle For Bold Projects

From providing clean drinking water around the world to curbing climate change, there are hundreds of bold projects in development that seek to address some of the most daunting challenges […]

Building The Vision For Bold Projects

Can bold projects cure what ails our world? At the beginning of this year, the editors of MIT Technology Review published a list of 10 Big Global Challenges Technology Could […]

5 Bold Challenges For The New Decade

The past decade has seen no shortage of global challenges. What will we face in the next decade, and how will we rise to the challenge of meeting them? From […]