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Burnout Self-Assessment

Are you at risk of burning out? Find out where you stand.

After completing the assessment, you’ll receive a burnout risk score and a link to download Bill’s new eBook Beating Burnout: How to Win the Battle Against Overwhelm and Exhaustion.

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1. I frequently have unexplained headaches.*
2. I do not have enough energy to do my job adequately.*
3. I regularly feel a stiffness in my back and shoulders.*
4. I have trouble sleeping at night.*
5. I find myself easily and consistently irritated.*
6. I often feel overwhelmed.*
7. I now find it harder to get and stay focused on my work.*
8. I find myself procrastinating to complete key work items more than I used to.*
9. I do not feel that I am challenged in my current position.*
10. I am emotionally drained at the end of the day.*
11. I do not have people at work I trust to discuss my stress.*
12. I do not feel valued at work.*
13. I consistently work overtime to complete my workload.*
14. I do not have clear expectations of my role and responsibilities.*
15. I feel like I am consistently in a reactive mode and cannot get ahead at work.*
16. I feel that I am consistently provided with unrealistic deadlines.*
17. I am a perfectionist.*
18. I consistently have a hard time saying no, even if I do not have the time to take on new tasks.*
19. I prefer not to work with my team members.*
20. I don't have time for activities that bring me joy.*