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Burnout Team Member Assessment

Is someone on your team at risk of burning out?

Gauge where they stand and learn how you can help. After completing the assessment, you’ll receive a burnout risk score and a link to download Bill’s new eBook Beating Burnout: How to Win the Battle Against Overwhelm and Exhaustion.

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1. My team member is working and available when expected, and they are consistently on time for their meetings and appointments.*
2. I can easily explain their time off. They have not taken high amounts of unplanned PTO or sick leave in the past year.*
3. My team member regularly takes time away from their work, and they do not check e-mail while on vacation.*
4. The percentage of errors my team member exhibits has not increased in the last year.*
5. Their ability to meet deadlines within their control has not declined in the last year.*
6. They do not require recurring direction or feedback on the same process or specific function.*
7. They are rarely irritated by minor problems, peers, or co-workers.*
8. They rarely feel misunderstood or unappreciated by peers and co-workers.*
9. They rarely complain or becomes cynical during projects.*
10. My team member balances their workload with their personal or family priorities.*
11. They believe there is adequate time to do the essential functions required to do a good, quality job.*
12. They create reasonable and realistic boundaries for work hours.*
13. They actively participates in project discussions or shares different opinions in meetings.*
14. They proactively engages with others to get the work done—without me having to ask/tell them to do so.*
15. They are encouraged to ask questions, share ideas, and provide feedback to the rest of the team.*