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Recalibrate and Thrive: The Importance of a Mid-Year Organizational Fitness Review

Feeling the mid-year crunch? Take a pause with an organizational fitness review. It’s a quick, powerful way to balance long-term goals and immediate issues, ensuring your team stays aligned and agile. Reflect, recalibrate, and thrive for a successful second half.


Maintaining a competitive edge requires continuous reflection and strategic recalibration.

According to McKinsey, companies that reassess their strategies at least twice a year are 1.5 times more likely to achieve higher growth rates and outperform their peers in total shareholder returns.

I see this time and time again with my own clients, as well.

It underscores the importance of a mid-year “fitness review” as an exercise for sustaining momentum and ensuring alignment with your long-term goals.

The Importance of Mid-Year Reflection

A fitness review serves as a structured pause, enabling your leadership team to evaluate organizational performance and your own leadership efficacy. This practice is more than just a check-in; it’s a proactive measure to ensure that the organization stays on course toward its strategic goals while addressing any immediate challenges within a strategic framework.

Mid-year is an optimal time for a fitness review. It allows you to:

  • Assess Progress: Evaluate how well the organization is tracking against its strategic goals.
  • Identify Issues: Recognize and address any emerging problems before they escalate.
  • Recalibrate: Adjust strategies and plans based on the current realities and insights gained from the first half of the year.

This intentional pause helps maintain momentum and ensures that your organization remains agile and responsive to both internal and external changes.

Benefits of a Fitness Review

Conducting a mid-year fitness review offers several benefits:

  • Enhanced Alignment: Ensures that the organization’s activities remain aligned with its strategic goals.
  • Proactive Problem-Solving: Identifies and addresses issues before they become critical, reducing the need for reactive firefighting.
  • Leadership Development: Encourages leaders to reflect on performance and identify areas for personal and team development.
  • Strategic Agility: Facilitates a more agile and responsive approach to strategy execution, allowing you to adapt to changing circumstances.

The Fitness Review Process

I designed an organizational fitness review template (Organizational Fitness Review PowerPlay™ ) which involves answering a series of 10 targeted questions to uncover areas of success and concern. These questions should be answered by both the leadership team and individual leaders. The process can be summarized in three steps:

  • Preparation: Distribute the fitness review questions to the leadership team. Encourage honest and thoughtful responses.
  • Reflection: Gather and analyze the responses to identify common themes and divergent views.
  • Action: Develop an action plan to address the identified issues and leverage the successes. This plan should feed into the annual strategic planning process.

You can download the Organizational Fitness Review PowerPlay™ here.

I challenge you to implement a mid-year fitness review in your organization. It is a quick yet powerful tool to ensure your organization and leadership team are performing at their best, setting the stage for a successful second half.

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