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Time Blocking Technique for Productivity

Protect Your Time for Maximum Productivity and Better Learning

Use This Time Management Technique to Master Intentional Learning

This technique enables intentional learning because you will schedule blocks of time in your calendar as “white space.” White space is unstructured time in which you decide what you want to focus on—learning, reflection, deep work.

These will look like regular meetings in your calendar—this way others won’t schedule over them.

Step 1

Resolve how many hours per week you want to set aside for white space. The “Five-Hour Rule” is a popular trend, where its followers commit to at least five hours of learning each week. If that sounds daunting, start with three hours.

Step 2

Determine which time-blocking approach works best for you. Some people work best with a single block (say three hours) for the week—this enables them to get full focus and into deep work. Others prefer three, one-hour blocks spread across multiple days (i.e., one hour on Monday, one hour on Wednesday, and one hour on Friday).

Step 3

Schedule the time blocks in your calendar. Think about the times of day when your mental acuity is at its best. Mental fatigue will inhibit your capacity to learn. Decide what to call these white space appointments. Consider names that will protect them from being scheduled over by others.

Step 4

Organize and prepare your content for your white spaces. This could be a reading list of books or articles, videos, or deep work items.



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