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Problem Statement Identification Technique: What’s Your Problem?

Unleash your team’s potential by pinpointing the root cause of challenges with my Problem Statement Identification PowerPlay™. Don’t settle for surface-level fixes; delve deep to enhance performance and align with objectives. Shift from “Ready-Fire-Aim” to precision problem-solving for lasting success.


Albert Einstein said, “If I were given one hour to save the planet, I would spend 59 minutes defining the problem and one minute resolving it.”

Do you know what problems might be hindering your business performance?

My Problem Statement Identification PowerPlay™ shows you how to conduct an exercise that will help you and your team identify a root-cause problem or challenge, not just a symptom. Do this to find out where you can sharpen performance to set the stage for your vision and objectives.

Problem Statement Identification: Increase Success by Focusing on the “Right” Problem

When you’re beginning your next project, ensure your team focuses on solving the root problem instead of just the symptoms.

Many teams begin implementing projects or creating change based on a leader’s direction—without first identifying the fundamental problem. As a result, they work hard, but they don’t seem to address the need or opportunity. I call this approach “Ready-Fire-Aim,” because they keep “firing,” hoping to hit the solution when instead they should take “aim.”

Implement the Problem Statement Identification PowerPlay™ to solve problems faster and help the organization move forward.

Download the Problem Statement Identification PowerPlay™.


Want more PowerPlays™?

A PowerPlay™ is a repeatable technique or strategy that can be applied and adapted to help executives, project managers, and leadership teams prepare for and navigate their toughest, most complex challenges. Access my full PowerPlay™  library anytime. These techniques can help you and your team prepare for and navigate your toughest, most complex challenges.