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Are Leaders Born or Made?

The Leaders Intent Podcast Featuring Guest Bill Fournet

Is leadership learned… or are you born with it? This is one of the most often asked leadership questions that I hear people ask. In a new podcast hosted by my friend — and longtime client — Ronnie Stephens, we delve deeper together on this question and more. It is truly an honor to be Ronnie’s first guest on the “Leaders’ Intent” podcast.

The Leaders Intent Podcast talks about relevant business issues and topics that leaders and employees are facing in today’s ever changing world. The goal is to educate the audience on a topic and to give practical, real-world examples on how the listeners can apply different tools, techniques, and resources.

In this inaugural episode, we talk about leadership development, as well as key characteristics and qualities that are imperative to good leaders. Ronnie and I also touch on strategies for leading through disruption, the importance of feedback for leaders, strategies for beating burnout, and trends around hybrid and remote work culture.


  Some leaders are born great, some achieve greatness, and some have greatness thrust upon them. — William Shakespear


Episode Highlights

The million dollar question, can leadership be developed or do we need to hit the genetic lottery to become a leader? [1:56]

The military’s approach to leadership. [4:19]

Characteristics and qualities of a good leader. [8:12]

The state of leadership today. [16:21]

Leading through disruption. [19:13]

Strategies for beating burnout. [24:00]

Leading in hybrid and remote work cultures. [30:15]

The importance of feedback in leadership. [48:48]


Listen to the Full Episode Here


I hope you’ll listen in!

If your organization needs help developing its leaders, contact me for a discovery call. I’d love to help you and your team find relief and beat burnout.


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