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BLUF: A Military Technique for Concise and Effective Business Communication

Are you overwhelmed by your inbox? The average person receives more than 100 emails each day. But we’re not burdened just by the quantity of messages; the lack of clarity within them also wastes our valuable time and energy.

This PowerPlay™ helps you get straight to the point. It’s called BLUF.

“Bottom Line Up Front”

Poor communication costs you time and money. But it doesn’t have to be this way. BLUF is a military communication technique that stands for “Bottom Line Up Front.”

Rather than burying the call to action in the middle or at the end of the email, BLUF ensures the recipient sees the action item plus the due date, front, and center.

Teach your team to use BLUF, and you’ll empower them to be better, more purposeful communicators, while also helping you get a handle on your inbox.

Download the BLUF PowerPlay™ here.

Your Mission to use the BLUF Communication Technique

  1. Resolve that you and your team will start using the BLUF technique in emails when action is required by recipients.
  2. Coach your team to communicate better. As a leader, if you feel a team member’s BLUF didn’t appropriately convey the action or response required, provide them with feedback on how to better use BLUF.

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