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Turn Disruption Into Opportunity

With a private coaching session

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A laser-focused 45-minute confidential coaching session where you will learn how to:

  1. Best prepare YOU and your organization to succeed in the new terrain

  2. Avoid common or unexpected pitfalls that could lead to costly mistakes

  3. Get clarity amidst the uncertainty, so you can lead confidently no matter what

work directly with Bill, for custom advising and facilitation,
to work through your biggest challenges,
to thrive through disruption now, and in the future.

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$500 per session

(reduced from Bill’s standard rate of $750/session)


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Although you determine your ideal outcome for our time together, Most Requested Topic Areas Include:

  • new ideas to move forward, and what has worked well across other industries
  • working out communication challenges with team and customers
  • Improve Team Performance with a plan to maintain
  • support for high-stakes decision making, especially with strategy and speed
  • increase your resilience in the face of uncertainty and rapid change

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Why Now?


Change is happening faster than ever before, and by preparing your options now, you will reduce “fire drills” and potential mistakes in the upcoming months.


Insights from multiple companies/industries to provide you an external “sounding board” of best practices and ideas.


Enables you to prepare for change versus react to it.

As a Strategy & Performance Coach to Senior Leaders across industries, Bill has helped leaders navigate uncertainty, transform their organizations, and saved them millions of dollars by improving how they work. Known for his optimistic view of disruption, Bill helps you stay ahead of the curve in times of uncertainty, advising that “Change is constant, but it does not have to mean chaos.


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