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Navigating the Burnout Epidemic: Insights and Strategies for Leaders

The Leader’s Intent Podcast Featuring Guest Bill Fournet

In this episode of the “Leaders Intent Podcast,” I joined host Ronnie Stevens to talk about navigating burnout and share insights and strategies for leaders. We focused on the signs and effects of burnout, the role of leadership in addressing it, and strategies to combat it.


  Reducing employee burnout is crucial for organizations because of its profound impact on areas such as innovation, productivity, and retention. As a leader, you can’t afford not to take action.


Episode Highlights

01:05 – Defining burnout.

02:00 – Burnout statistics: Burnout leads to increased sick days, a higher likelihood of employees leaving their jobs, and a high percentage of employees reporting feelings of burnout.

04:30 – Factors leading to burnout.

07:05 – Impact of technology: The “always-on” culture.

09:53 – Work outside of 9-5.

12:20 – Creating rules of engagement and setting expectations.

21:44 – Remote vs. in-person.

24:50 – When a sense of guilt or obligation comes into play.

30:18 – What employers or even colleagues can do to help or maybe effectively respond if they think someone on their team or in their family is suffering from burnout.

36:21 – What you should do if you’re experiencing burnout.


Listen to the Full Episode Here


I encourage you to listen in.

If your organization needs help, contact me for a discovery call. I’m eager to help you and your team find relief and beat burnout.



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