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Mission Based Teams

How do you and your team respond to unexpected challenges? We know that constant change is the new normal—and the demands on our workforce in a 24/7 world are increasing. But the old models of efficiency and “do more with less” is no longer sufficient when our teams are unable to respond to the speed of change fast enough. We need a new approach. 

In this tactical keynote, Bill reveals a revolutionary management approach, showing leaders how to create empowered teams that can rapidly confront whatever comes next. Bill’s Mission-Based Teams will increase your organization’s agility while maintaining focus and alignment. Leveraging lessons from “apex” performing teams, Bill equips leaders and organizations to not only survive—but thrive—even in volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous conditions. 

As we embark upon what I believe will be one of the most pivotal years in our modern history, we are faced with new challenges to navigate. We realize that accelerated change is our present and our future. To remain resilient, you will need new approaches. Help empower your team to rapidly confront whatever comes next with these three essential steps:

  • First, we must shift our mindset by accepting that change is the new constant.
  • Second, we must learn from other teams that successfully navigate changing environments.
  • Third, we need to fail fast and learn quickly from our mistakes.

I discuss this further in my guest article for the Association for Talent Development’s (ATD) TD Magazine. I delve into how you can implement Mission-Based Teams so you can cut through chaos and uncertainty with discipline and agility. In the article, I share not only how you can implement Mission-Based Teams from a learning and development perspective, but also to improve the implementation of projects and initiatives across your organization.

You can read the article, “A New Path for Project Completion,” here and if you’re a member of ATD, you can check it out in the January issue of TD Magazine.



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