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How Purpose-Driven Leadership Helps You Navigate Disruption & Beat Burnout

The Corporate Purpose Podcast featuring guest Bill Fournet

Purpose is good for business. Today, 94% of global consumers expect a brand to have a clear purpose, and 85% of CEOs say they are more likely to recommend a business with a strong purpose. Purpose also is integral for long-term organizational success, employee engagement, and happiness.

So that begs the question: Are you a purpose-driven leader?

I recently was a guest on The Corporate Purpose Podcast where I joined Karen Bailey, founder of Alignd on Purpose, to discuss purpose-driven leadership, the transformational state of business today, and how burnout and overwhelm are affecting people and companies.

  Success demands singleness of purpose. — Vince Lombardi


Episode Summary

We are collectively in a state of burnout and overwhelm. What can leaders do to help our teams and companies navigate through disruption? I reveal how generational and historical trends are driving massive changes to the way we work.

I also share strategies for navigating periods of burnout based on my personal experience and discuss how purpose is often the cornerstone of my work.


Episode Highlights

What is means to be a purpose-driven leader. [2:13]

My battle with burnout. [6:45]

Why so many of us are experiencing burnout and overwhelm. [8:12]

The Great Realization. [9:38]

The question of culture in remote and hybrid work. [12:44]

How the value we place on time over money is transforming our mindset around work. [22:48]

The generational shifts that are also changing the current work state. [29:52]

Strategies to help navigate and manage burnout. [35:40]


Listen to the Full Episode Here


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