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Burnout is real and on the rise.

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Burnout is more prevalent than ever before. 

Drastic changes in the workplace. Unclear expectations. An increased workload. The Great Resignation. Real and perceived lack of support by management. A lost sense of control. Recurrent values disconnect. Decision fatigue. It’s all adding up.

While every generation has experienced its challenges, the accelerated rate of change we currently face has compounded the stress and the daunting feeling of overwhelm — affecting over 50% of the workforce according to a recent Indeed poll.

But it doesn’t have to be this way! 

Start your journey to renewed engagement, purpose, and peace by taking one of Bill’s free Beating Burnout assessments.



Are you ready to beat burnout for good?

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Beating Burnout: How to Win the Battle Against Exhaustion and Overwhelm

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  • Reasons why burnout is on the rise
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  • Three proven techniques to help you (and your team) get back on track and avoid burnout altogether

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