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How to Align Expectations, Preparations & Outcomes for Increased Meeting Productivity

A recent study revealed that 51% of professionals say spending too much time in meetings and on calls is distracting them from making an impact at work. Are you among them?

If you find that you and your team are bogged down in unproductive meetings, try the P.O.P. technique. This simple yet memorable mnemonic device is designed to align everyone on meeting expectations, preparations, and outcomes.


Align Expectations, Preparations & Outcomes with this Meeting Productivity Technique

It’s time to get your meetings back on track. Whether in person or virtual, too many meetings lack an agenda (or plan); the intent of the meeting is not clear, nor are the expectations. Consider the meetings where some participants believe it is a brainstorm session, while others think the desired outcome is decision-making — this misalignment creates wasted time.

To align expectations and maximize productivity, each meeting should include the following elements:

  • Purpose
  • Outcome
  • Plan

You can remember it by the acronym “P.O.P.”

Download the P.O.P. PowerPlay™ here.

Your Mission

  1. Select 2-3 standing meetings on your schedule.
  2. Share the P.O.P. PowerPlay™ with the meeting leads, and ask them to update the meeting invitations accordingly.
  3. Make P.O.P. a requirement to accepting all meetings and see how quickly your team will adopt it!
  4. For more efficiency tips, check out my “3 ‘I’ Your Week” PowerPlay™ here.

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