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Leaders Intent Decision-Making Technique

Enable Your Team to Understand Their Goals and Objectives

This Decision-Making Technique Helps Your Team Grasp Their Goals and Objectives–and Empowers Them to Take Charge

Are you tired of micromanaging?

Leader’s Intent is one of the most popular strategies with my clients because it’s a powerful way to enable your team to understand their goals and objectives– and then empower the team to address them. This helps cultivate trust and improves communication.

As a result, you will have more time and the ability to focus on higher-level initiatives.

Ditch the Micro-Management Mindset

Do you want your team to better understand the goals and objectives you have for them? Enable them to achieve success with the Leader’s Intent strategy.

Leader’s Intent is a three-part strategy.

  1. The first part consists of the desired outcome or end state: What are we trying to achieve?
  2. The second part is a basic purpose: Why we are taking on this project or initiative.
  3.  The third part is the how— a high-level methodology to follow.

In other words, with Leader’s Intent, you are communicating to your team, “Success to me looks like ______________.”  Understanding what success looks like enables the team to make better decisions as they move through the initiative process.

You’ll get better results, and increased agility. Leader’s Intent can be especially beneficial if you are working in a remote or disparate environment.


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